Décor & Ornamental Accessories

Add life and movement to your garden with Laguna’s range of Décor and Ornamental pond accessories. Beautiful and elegant, our water features are designed to help you relax and inspiring your outdoor life throughout the year.

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Self contained water features can be installed in existing gardens.

Pond Accessories

We recommend installing décor pieces that will add to the health of and your overall enjoyment of the pond. Ornamental accessories such as spitters and fountains help aerate your pond. Submersible LED lighting can be used to accentuate waterfalls and other internal features.

Pond Décor

Pond-less water features and ornamental décor accessories that include a durable water basin and pump are installed in existing garden and patio areas to bring the gentle sound of moving water to small spaces where a pond may not be practical. Many of these ornaments can also be easily installed directly into ponds.

Self Contained Water Features

These decorative fountains and ornamental containers can easily be installed on patios, decks or even indoors. Self-contained features allow you to install  a water feature in almost any location. Available in variety of styles, many are perfect for aquatic plants and even fish.