The Laguna Floating Feeding Station allows you to feed the same amount at each feeding, and prevents over-feeding. Anchored to the side or bottom of the pond, the Feeding Station brings the pond fish to the same place, and that is where they can be seen close up.

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The Laguna Floating Feeding Station brings the pond fish to the same place for food, and the amount of feed can be controlled.

Why use a feeding Ring

Most pond fish learn very quickly when they are going to be fed. Fish respond very well to being fed in the same place all the time, and the Laguna Floating Feeding Station lets you do just that. The fish can be seen up close when they feed, and any fish not plowing into the crowd to get food might be having a problem.

Installing  feeding station

The Floating Feeding Station can be anchored to either the side or the bottom of the pond, and the food stays within the edges of the station.

Benefits of Feeding Stations.

Keeping food in a confined area helps to prevent food from clogging the pond filter(s), as very little food makes it out of the feeding station to anything other than the fish.