Laguna Bio Sludge Control 946 ml (32 fl oz.)

(for ponds up to 30 L)
Item#: PT894

Laguna Bio Sludge Control 946 ml (32 fl oz.) treats 113,562 L (30,000 US gal)


Super Concentrated Laguna Bio Sludge Control is a 100% biodegradable pond water treatment that's formulated to correct and stabilize pond water to ensure a healthy, thriving ecosystem. One bottle of Bio Sludge Control treats 30,000 US gal (113,562 L)

Key Features:

Bacterial pond conditioner
Naturally dissolves organic debris, sludge and pond scum
Instantly clarifies water
Introduces millions of beneficial bacteria (composed of five highly active bacterial strains - with no inactive bacteria filling agents)
Degrades suspended organic matter, pond sludge, and fish waste
Reduces foul odors from pond's anoxic zones
Ensures dynamic balance to pond's ecosystem

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