Pompe MaxDrive Direct Drive Laguna, 7 041 L/h (1 860 gal US/h)

(for ponds up to 900 Gallons L)
UPC: 015561202015 Item#: PT201
Laguna MaxDrive Direct Drive Pond Pumps 1860 GPH


Laguna MaxDrive Pond Pumps are simple to install and simple to maintain. The MaxDrive direct drive pond pump is the ideal solids handling pump you want to drive your watefrall of skimmer filter. The Laguna MaxDrive pump range comes with a 3 year warranty. The MaxDrive Pump range is available in five sizes ranging from 1860 to 6600 Gallons Per Hour with head heights of up 39 Feet. 

Max Flo Rate: 1860 US GPH Max Head Height 21' Amp. 2.4 Watts 260 Horse Power 1/4 Cord Length 20' Outlet Size 1.25" Solids Handling 1/3"

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