Laguna Pond Clean - 473 mL (16 fl oz )

Item#: PT881
Laguna Pond Clean - 473 mL (16 fl oz )Laguna Pond Clean - 473 mL (16 fl oz )
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Laguna Pond Clean - 473 mL (16 fl oz ) Laguna Pond Clean - 473 mL (16 fl oz )
Laguna Pond Clean, 473 mL (16 fl oz), pond water treatment, quickly cleans rocks & waterfalls


Laguna Pond Clean quickly restores your pond's natural balance. The fast-acting formula is safe for fish, plants and invertebrates at the recommended dosage. Acting as a pre-emptive agent, Laguna Pond Clean prevents unsightly water conditions, plus it quickly cleans rocks and waterfalls. Pond Clean is available in Canada only. Size: 473 mL (16 fl oz), treats 14,190 L (3,749 U.S. gal.) of pond water.          
O ther sizes available :

Laguna Pond Clean 2 L (2.1 qt) (PT883)
Dosing Instructions:

First treatment: 50 mL per 400 U.S. gal. (1,500 L) of pond water.
Use the doser cap provided for an accurate measurement. It is recommended to dilute the dose in 1 U.S. gal. (3.78 liters) of pond water. Evenly distribute the diluted product around the inside perimeter of the pond. In the first week, you may need to add a second dose, if necessary.
Afterward, we recommend dosing weekly or every 2 weeks until the pond water remains clean. It is important to frequently remove organic debris that accumulates on rock surfaces, aquatic plants and the bottom of the pond. In densely-populated fish ponds, use a half dose.
Treatments can be combined with spray or bubble aeration to reduce problems caused by low oxygen levels. When treating in warmer weather, we recommend using a Laguna Aeration Kit or venturi valve.
For pond water treatment only.

Do not apply to ponds with outflows.

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