Laguna Water Prep 946 ml (32 oz )

Item#: PT864
Laguna Water Prep 946 ml (32 oz )Laguna Water Prep 946 ml (32 oz )
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Laguna Water Prep 32 oz (946 ml) treats 9,600 US gal (36,340 L)


Super Concentrated Laguna Water Prep is a 100% biodegradable pond water treatment that's formulated to correct and stabilize pond water to ensure a healthy, thriving ecosystem. One bottle of Water Prep treats 9,600 US gal (36,340 L)

Key Features:

Clears pond water in 12 to 24 hours
Mix the desired dose with 1 gal (4 L) of pond water and pour directly around the pond
Recommended dosage yields best results
Overdosing will not improve effectiveness
If cloud remains after a 24 hour period, dosage may be repeated

- Dosage: Use 60 mL (2 fl oz) per 600 US gal (2271 L) of pond water when water is clouded

WARNING: With proper aeration maintained at all times, Clear Fast is a safe and effective solution. During hot weather or warm water temperatures, strong aeration is required to prevent oxygen depletion that may result in fish loss. Do not turn off pond pumps or aeration equipment at night.

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