Pond Nets & Skimmers

Laguna Pond Nets are available in many sizes and shapes, so there is sure to be one or two that are ideal for your specific pond. Some nets have extendable shafts, and other models are collapsible for easy storage.

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Choosing the correct net for the correct job is important.

Are all pond nets the same?

No. Laguna nets are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Many styles have slip-resistant handles and extendable shafts to adjust the reach of the net. The soft net meshing is resistant to tears and will not harm the fish. Choosing the correct net for the correct task is crucial.

What are Skimmer Net

Skimmer nets are used to help clean the pond of floating debris. Built with extendable shafts these nets allow you to comfortably reach every corner of your pond. The netting is soft and flexible to insure it will not harm any fish caught accidently.

Benefits of Pond Nets

Ponds fish net are used for capturing and transporting fish. It very important that these have soft netting and durable shafts and handles. Laguna fish nets have deep soft mesh pockets ideal for capturing and transporting fish.