Playing a vital role in any pond, aquatic plants create a natural setting while providing shade and shelter for a wide variety of creatures including frogs, ?sh and dragonflies. Planting various aquatic plants will also help maintain clear water and reduce pond maintenance.

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In a healthy pond, 60% percent of the surface area should be covered with plants.

Why should I have plants in my pond?

More than just ornamental features, aquatic plants help filter pond water, provide oxygen to the pond and help prevent overheating. Plants also provide a more natural stress free environment for fish and are ready food supply.

When should I plant my pond?

Like the rest of your garden, begin planting your aquatic in the spring as the water temperatures begin to rise. Always remember to fertilize plants at the start of each season, slow release fertilizer spikes work all season long.

What kind of pond plants should I have?

A successful pond will include a full range and variety of complementary plants. A large assortment of oxygenating, floating, marginal and deep water plants will help achieve a natural balance for you pond. To learn more how these plants will enhance your pond take a look at our planting guide.