Pond Closing

Autumn and Winter care pose unique maintenance requirements for your pond. As the temperatures begin to drop, it is necessary to prepare the fish, and the pond, and equipment for the winter. Winterising your pond will be easy if you monitor the water temperature and follow our simple steps.

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Properly winterising your pond will ensure a smooth spring opening!

Preparing Fish for Winter

Preparing fish for winter begins as the temperatures to dip below 50º F, switch to a Wheat Germ diet designed to provide the necessary fat and proteins to winter over. When the mercury drops below 47 º cease feeding altogether.

Winterizing Pond Equipment

Pond equipment such as pumps, internal filters, UV units, and décor items should be removed cleaned and stored for the winter. Skimmer and Water Fall wells should be drained and cleaned.

Preparing your pond for Winter

Move all planted material to the deepest area of your pond. Install netting to prevent falling leaves from getting into the pond. Depending on your location, you will need to install a de-icer unit and or an aeration kits. These will ensure that there is always an open area of your pond that will allow for proper oxygen exchange. For a complete guide to winterising your pond, check out our guides.