Laguna Round Water Basins are ideally suited for setting up ornamental fountain displays. Easy to install and simple to maintain, basins designed to the foundation for pond-less water features

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Bring your garden to life with our range of stunning water features.

Benefits of Pond Basins

Basin ponds are perfect for small spaces and small gardens. Quick and easy to install they provide an attractive water display in a variety of spaces such as a garden, porch or even indoors.

Installing Pond Basins

To install in ground simply excavate a hole, install the basin, fill it with water, place a wire grill (sold separately) on top, and finish off with a fountain ornament and decorative pebbles. Basins can also be used above ground and are easily hidden with garden décor such plants or ornament stone.

What material is a pond basin made from?

Pond basins are made of rigid, heavy-duty plastic. The basin is designed to withstand extreme conditions, including heavy water loads, hot summers, and frigid winters.