Installation Accessories

Installing ponds requires few special tools outside of a shovel. Repairing small tears in liners and seaming pieces together on the other hand requires EPDM seaming and repair kits. You may also need high quality Waterfall foam to create the perfect water drop.

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Installing a pond requires very little in the way of actual tools. Outside of a plan and a shovel, initial excavation requires nothing more than pleasant weather and dedication.

Liner installation accessories

EPDM liner offers the greatest flexibility when designing and installing ponds. This flexibility includes the ability to connect multiple liners sections to create waterfalls, river streams or other water features. Liner Seaming kits make creating watertight seals simple and easy.

Can I fix small punctures?

No matter how careful we are, sometimes accidents happen. If you find yourself needing to repair punctures or tears in your liner have no fear, Laguna Liner Repair Kits make repairs easy.