Laguna’s Pumps designed to increase pond aeration are an essential addition to your pond during either hot summer months, or during the winter months when your pond needs extra help to add oxygen to the water.

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Our air pump kits include everything you need to help enhance the quality of your pond water.

Why Aeration is Important For a Pond

There are many pond aeration benefits. During the hot summer months oxygen levels in the pond decline. Aerating the water causes movement and the bubbles from the air pump expose the water to oxygen and help maintain clear water, resulting in a healthy ecosystem.

Aeration helps throughout winter

During winter, it is important to not let your pond ice-over as the oxygen levels in the pond water can drop to dangerous levels for dormant fish. By using a pond aeration pump it keeps the pond surface from freezing over, and you will eliminate or greatly reduce the chance of fish loss.

Aeration pumps efficiency

Laguna’s air pump kits are designed to operate efficiently and save energy.

Reliable, but at an affordable price, Laguna Pond Fountain Pump Kits can help complete your garden’s look without breaking the bank.