Self-Contained Water Features

Laguna’s self-contained water features are easy to install and simple to maintain. Many are available as complete kits install in under an hour and bring the sounds of moving water to nearly any location. Perfect for indoor or outdoor installations.

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Laguna Self-Contained Water Features bring the pleasure of moving water to any space.

Self-Contained Water Features

Laguna‘s self-contained water features can support plants and fish, if properly aerated, depending on model. These stunning décor pieces can be installed in almost any location such a garden, patio or porch.

How to Install Self-contained water features?

Installing in ground units only requires the installation of a simple basin and hooking up the fountain pump. These units are perfect to bring the relaxing sound of moving water to an existing garden.

The above ground units should be installed on a level surface, install pump, fill with water accent with plants, stone and enjoy.