Waterfall & Skimmer Filters

Skimmer and waterfall filters are filtration systems fully integrated into the pond structure. These filter systems can be connected to other filter systems such as an external Pressure Flo filter to work independently or in tandem.

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Laguna Skimmers and Filter Falls provide additional benefits to ponds.

Benefits of Waterfall and Skimmer Filters

Skimmers and Filter Falls filter systems provide beneficial surface skimming in addition to mechanical and biological filtration, and have the added benefit of creating surface movement in your pond. Adding skimming to filtration makes for an even cleaner and healthier pond.

How to Install a Skimmer Filter

Skimmer systems are installed directly into the wall of the pond with the filter opening partially submerged. The pond liner is permanently attached to this type of filter unit.  These systems work by drawing water into the filter through the use of a solids handling pump. Skimmer systems should be installed opposite features such as spillways and waterfalls for maximum filtration. Filter Fall units are installed on the edge of ponds to create water movement or they are hidden in waterfall design. Water is “pushed” to these units again by a solids handling pond or sump pump.