Laguna Deck Ponds are modern and stylish raised water ponds available in three kits and supplied ready for painting or staining in the colour of your choice, perfect for fitting in with your garden's existing theme.

Everybody loves the ambience created by a water feature, it can make you feel a million miles away. That’s why Laguna introduced its Deck Ponds, instantly transform your garden into a tranquil relaxing environment with the sound of moving water. Whether it be a gentle waterfall or a bubbling fountain for a more eye-catching focal point, the Deck Ponds will enhance any garden and make it a place to enjoy.

You needn’t worry about the hard work of digging up your garden to add a pond to achieve this transformation. Just follow the three simple steps.

Step 1 – Choose your kit

Laguna Deck Pond Sizes

Step 2 – Paint or stain in a colour of your choice

Laguna Deck Pond Colours

Step 3 – Easy to assemble in less than an hour 

Key Features

  • Modern, stylish and high-quality design to fit in with any garden
  • Three kits available
    • Medium (120cm L x 86cm W x 38cm H)
    • Large     (142cm L x 99cm W x 52cm H)
    • Deluxe     (142cm L x 99cm W x 52cm H)
  • Supplied ready to paint or stain in a colour of your choice
  • Easy assemble – from box to pond in less than one hour
  • Each (medium and large ) kit contains a wooden surround, a Laguna Pond Tub and a Laguna Fountain Pump
  • Deluxe kit available – contains the large Deck Pond kit and includes an upgrade from Laguna Fountain Pump to Laguna PowerClear Multi 3500 (All-in-One Filter, UV and Pump – clear water guaranteed)
  • No garden maintenance required