Pond plants have unique nutritional requirements. Potted pond plants should be fertilised on a regular basis, and floating plants grow very quickly, which require suitable nutrients added to the pond water.

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Laguna helps keep your plants healthy all year.

Why Fertilize Pond Plants

Pond plants grow very fast during the pond season. To ensure healthy growth, plants should be fertilised at start of every season.

Liquid Supplements

Laguna’s Plant Grow is a liquid fertiliser with chelated micro nutrients in a special formulation that does not contain any phosphates or nitrates. Laguna Plant Grow is a blend of liquid micro nutrients and is best for floating plants, as they take their nutrition directly from the water.

Fertiliser Pond Spikes

Laguna Fertiliser Pond Spikes are inserted into the soil of potted pond plants. This slow-release formula provides all the nutrients that a plant needs for the entire pond season. Fertiliser Pond Spikes are for all potted pond plants, especially water lilies and lotuses.

Both Laguna Plant Grow and Plant Spikes are completely safe for the fish, and promote lush growth of both foliage and flowers in all pond plants.