Lily Tubs

A wide variety of water gardening plants such as Water lilies, lotus and other bog plants require planting in sealed containers. The beauty and benefits of these types of plants make planting worthwhile.

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Laguna Lily Tubs are ideal for water lilies, lotus and other bog plants.

Why Lily Tubs

The Laguna Lily Tubs are especially designed for water lilies, lotus and other bog plants. They don’t have any holes, ensuring that the soil needed for these plants will not leak out of the tubs and into the pond.

Planting Lily Tubs

Lilies and other bog plants grow horizontally across the container, so they should be given plenty of room to grow into when first planted. To minimise soil erosion and leakage, small pebbles can be placed over the top of the soil in the planted tub. Fully planted lily tubs should be carefully placed on the pond floor, never drag planted tubs across the floor of the pond.