Aeration Pumps

Laguna Aeration Kits ensure that your pond is properly oxygenated throughout the year. In the summer months oxygen is critical to stocked ponds particularly during very hot periods. In winter they provide the they help keep the water surface from freezing.

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Laguna Aeration Kits provide vital water movement and oxygen to your pond throughout the year.

Benefits of Aeration Kits

Laguna Air Pump Kit provides a variety of very practical benefits for ponds with fish all year round. In summer, pumping oxygen into your fish pond is crucial for their health, particularly in a densely-stocked pond and during very hot periods when oxygen levels decline. In winter, air circulation generated by the pump prevents pond surfaces from completely freezing, allowing fresh oxygen to enter the water and toxic gases to escape.

What do Aerations Kits Provide

Fresh oxygen contributes to a clean and clear aquatic ecosystem, promotes healthy aquatic life, and helps break down fish waste.

This gas exchange is vital for the survival of hibernating fish. The low-wattage pump generates powerful and continuous air circulation quietly and energy-efficiently. The pump requires no lubrication and is certified for outdoor use.