Pond Heaters & De-Icers

Pond Heaters and De-Icers play an important role in the health and wellbeing of your pond throughout the winter. In colder climates that risk a total freeze it is vital to install a heater or De-Icer to keep a small portion of the pond open.

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Aeration Kits and Pond De-icers will keep water moving through winter.

Will Heaters Prevent Ice?

It is not practical, or necessary, to heat an entire pond during the winter. As long as a pond does not freeze solid, and has at least two feet of open water under the ice at the coldest part of the winter, the fish can stay in the pond. All that is needed is a small area of the pond remain ice free and open to air so there is sufficient gas exchange for the fish to get through the winter safely.

Pond Heaters

Heater and De-Icers will keep an area of the pond thawed, and allows gases to exchange between the air and water.