Winterizing Kits

The Laguna Winterising Kits contains everything that is needed to prepare the fish and pond for the winter. Over-wintering the fish only works if the pond is deep enough so there is two feet of water that remains unfrozen.

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Laguna’s Winterizing Kits contain everything that is needed to prepare a pond for the winter.

Why Winterize a pond?

Ponds in northern climates that are subject to freezing temperatures need to be winterized for the health and safety of the fish and pond. Ponds need two feet of unfrozen water below the ice for wintering fish. If your pond freezes completely fish should be removed for the winter. Preparing your pond for winter helps ensure a smooth spring opening.

How to Protect Your Pond for the winter

Laguna winterizing kits contain everything you need to prepare your pond for winter. The winterising process starts and ends with water temperature.

Begin fall feeding as the temperature drops below 50 F. 

Install pond netting to keep falling leaves from getting into the pond.

Install a De-Icer to keep an opening in the ice and an Aeration Kit to keep the pond water moving so there is sufficient oxygen.