Pond liners make it very easy to build your pond in the shape you’ve always wanted. They also help to ensure a long-lasting and trouble free pond. Simply dig the pond to the shape you want, and cover the hole with the pond liner.

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Build a pond in whatever shape you want with our range of pond liners.

How to Install a Pond Liner

Simply spread the liner out so it covers the entire hole, but allow for an extra 12” of liner over the top. Then smooth the liner so there are no spaces or wrinkles. Once you’re satisfied, fill the space up with water and your pond is complete. All our liners come with a 20 year guarantee and are non-toxic to fish and plants.

Calculating the Size of Liner you Require

Follow this simple formula to calculate your liner size requirements:

IN FEET: Length = (Depth x 2) + Length + 2’ (for overlap)

                Width = (Depth x 2) + Width + 2’ (for overlap)

IN METRES: Length = (Depth x 2) + Length + 0.6m (for overlap)

                      Width = (Depth x 2) + Width + 0.6m (for overlap)

For a more step-by-step guide to how to Install a pond liner - see our projects page in Pond Help.