Laguna Underlayment provides a practical and effective way of protecting pond liners from damage due to exposed roots or rocks. Underlayment is the critical first step to installing a liner pond.

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Underlayment protects your pond liner for the life of your pond.

Why use underlayment?

Underlayment should be installed under the liner to protect the liner from hidden rocks, roots and other natural materials that may shift or “rise” under your pond.  Simply lay it over the exposed soil first and then place the pond liner on top of it. Underlayment should also be placed on the pond walls.

Installing Underlayment

Installing underlayment is the first step in protecting your ponds liner. The geo-textile underlayment is placed in the excavated pond area under the liner. It should cover the entire floor of the pond, as well as the walls and planting shelves. The material can be easily folded and layered to fit contours.