Our decorative table top pumps are ideal for producing continuous and reliable water circulation in indoor tabletop fountains, waterfalls, and statuary pumps. These pumps range from 300LPH to 1500 LPH, ensuring that they work extremely effectively with decorative pond products such as spitters.

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These compact yet powerful pumps consume very little electricity.

How do table-top pumps work?

These decorative pond pumps draw water from the bottom of the base, which is ideal for shallow water applications and minimises the risk of the pump running dry. Small but mighty, these pumps generate an amazing amount of water circulation, but only requiring minimal maintenance.

Creating a beautiful pond with a decorative pump

If you need help on how to make your garden or pond more decorative – see our Projects page. Here you will find helpful videos and guides on how to make small water garden features with our decorative pond pumps.