UVC Sterilizers

Replacement parts are available for a many components of our UV Sterilizer product range. If you need to replace your current UV bulb click here.

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How to find a replacement part?

Finding replacement parts is easy. Consult your original manual for a complete listing of replacement parts numbers, then simply search our site for that number. If you have a question, please contact our customer service department

It seems very technical, are they hard to install?

Replacement Laguna parts are all easy to install – details can be found in your instruction manual which can also be downloaded from the Pond Help section of the website.

Can I buy replacement parts directly from Laguna?

Laguna parts can be purchased from Laguna stockists, or from our Hagen website.

What do I do if my pump stops working?

Usually pumps fail due to a problem with the impeller. Simply removing and cleaning the impeller and impeller housing will usually solve the problem. Occasionally impellers do break, but are quite cheap and simple to replace.