Water Care

Proper Water Care is vital to the health and wellness of your pond There are pond care water treatments for every stage of your ponds' life from initial setup to routine water changes and of course throughout the season.

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All Laguna water treatments are completely safe for all fish and plants.

Is tap water safe for fish?

Prior to introducing fish to your pond you should always treat your pond with a 'water prep' which eliminates chlorine and chloramines as well as neutralises heavy metals.

What types of water treatments does my pond regularly need?

Over the course of the pond season different water care products will be required. While every pond is different, all are susceptible to the effects of high temperatures, sunlight and the wastes from fish. There are a variety of products on the market to prepare a new pond for receiving fish, to help the beneficial bacteria, control sludge and phosphates. Water treatments are available in granule and pellet form, as well as in liquid form, depending on product. Regular use of water care treatments will ensure that the pond water is clear and clean, and that the fish are in peak health.