Biological Water Treatments

All healthy and successful ponds depend upon the natural balance of beneficial bacteria, referred to as the Nitrogen Cycle. Biological water treatments are liquid pond supplements made up of living micro-organisms developed to effectively encourage the natural balance of a healthy pond. The introduction of beneficial bacteria helps enhance the natural cycle of your pond. Laguna.

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Laguna has a complete line of live bacteria that are beneficial to a pond.

How do biological treatments work?

Biological water treatments add nature’s natural beneficial bacteria to eliminate ammonia and nitrite, which can cause poor water quality conditions in a pond.  Whether starting a new pond, after a spring clean or when adding new fish, products such as Laguna’s Bio Booster will replenish these bacterias to keep your pond water clean and clear.

What are beneficial bacterial solutions?

Beneficial bacteria solutions are water treatments teaming with live microbes that help keep pond water clear, clean and healthy. Fish wastes are primarily ammonia, which is very toxic to fish. One group of bacteria converts ammonia into nitrite, which is still toxic but not as bad as ammonia. Another group of bacteria convert nitrite into nitrates, which are not very toxic, and which can be removed naturally by live plants and water changes. Another group of bacteria break down the accumulated waste that is in the form of sludge in the pond.

Regular use of the Laguna beneficial bacteria will ensure the health of your pond.