Natural Water Treatments

Laguna has a complete line of water treatments to ensure that your pond is healthy throughout the season. Natural water treatments can be used to control algae and biological cycles of a pond with natural countering agents.

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Natural water treatments help you keep your pond healthy and clear all year long.

Why Natural Water treatments are needed

Green water caused by algae affects all ponds at one time or another. Algae and green water are part of the natural cycle of a pond, but this natural cycle can be counterbalanced with natural water solutions that will help fix this problem.

How do Natural Water Treatments work?

Natural water treatments like liquid peat or Laguna’s barley straw pellets release natural enzymes that help to keep ponds clean and clear of unsightly water conditions.

Peat Granules enhance the effectiveness of the beneficial bacteria that convert toxic ammonia to less toxic nitrite and then convert nitrite to relatively harmless nitrates that can be removed by water changes or by living plants

Barley Straw Pellets improve water conditions and help control nuisance algae. Peat Granules give a natural amber tint to the pond water, which helps prevent nuisance algae.