Traditional Water Treatments

Laguna traditional water treatments are vital to your pond’s heath. All water added to a pond from initial set up to seasonal water should be treated with Laguna Water Prep to make the water safe for fish and plants.

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Laguna water conditioning products make tap water safe for fish at any time

How do traditional Water treatments work?

Dechlorinators, such as Laguna’s Water Prep, will remove harmful chlorine and chloramines from tap water. They should also be used to neutralise heavy metals or contaminates from untreated well water. Pond water clarifiers like Laguna’s Clear Fast use polymers to clump suspended particulates together and drop them to the bottom of the pond or make it easier for filters to trap these particles.

When to use Traditional Water Conditioners?

When a pond is first established, and when adding any new water to the pond, Laguna Water Prep instantly makes well or tap water safe for fish. It removes all chlorine and chloramines, neutralises harmful metals in solution in the water, and enhances the fish’s protective slime coat.