Filter Media

Pond filter media is important to ensure effective filtration of your pond. There are a variety of Laguna filter media available that effectively perform filtration functions. When used in any of the Laguna filters (or other filters also) the Laguna filtration media keep the water in a pond sparkling clear, and the fish healthy.

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Laguna Filter media is very effective at keeping the pond clean and clear.

What is Filter Media?

Laguna filter media is divided into two types – mechanical and biological. The mechanical filter media physically trap particulate waste that is in the water, and make the pond water clean.

Biological Filter Media

Biological filter media provide a large surface area for the beneficial bacteria of the Nitrogen Cycle to live; these bacteria convert ammonia to nitrite, and nitrite into nitrates. Mechanical Laguna filter media include Bio Mesh, Filter Wool and Filter pads. Used in conjunction with each other, they provide mechanical filtering of the pond from removing larger particulates all the way to “polishing” the water, which removes the tiniest particulates.

For biological filtration, there are Laguna Biospheres, Bio-Max and Lava Rock. In addition, replacement pads are available specifically to fit Laguna PowerFlo and Pressure-Flo pond filters.