Growth Enhancing Formulas

Laguna Growth Enhancing Food Sticks are highly nutritious additions to the regular foods you feed your Koi and goldfish. These foods specially formulated to promote healthy weight gain in your fish.

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Naturally Enhance Growth

The health and colors of all pond fish – Koi and goldfish especially – are often dependent on what they eat. Laguna Growth Enhancing pellets are highly nutritious food for pond fish that promote natural and healthy growth of the fish.

How does the Growth Enhancing formula work?

Just as our diets affect how we look and feel so do the diets we feed our fish. Our specially formulated Growth Enhancing foods contain 40% protein for rapid fish growth.

When should I feed Color Enhancers?

Growth enhancing foods can be fed any time the temperature is above 50 ºF/35 ºC. Growth Enhancers are a complete diet or can be fed as a staple died or supplement to All Season diet.