Fish Nutrition

Laguna foods provide the vital nutrients your fish need throughout the season. Goldfish and Koi the most common pond fish, and they have nutritional requirements that differ from traditional tropical fish. Their requirements vary over the course of the pond season.

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Fish nutrition is very important, and pond fish require different foods.

How often do fish need feeding?

Goldfish and Koi should be fed daily, however only feed them as much as they can consume in two minutes. You do not want to over feed fish.

What type of food should I feed my fish?

The nutritional requirements of pond fish vary over the course of the season, in the Spring and Fall diets should consist of Wheat Germ and Sprirulina in season fish should be fed an All Season formula. Food selection and timing is based solely on temperature, as the temperature rises above 47°F and the fish become active it is time to begin feeding.

Pond fish, especially Koi, quickly learn a regular feeding routine, this is the best time to get a good look at your fish and evaluate their over health and appearance.