Laguna Bio Sludge Control - 2 L (67 fl oz)

(for ponds up to 10 G)
Item#: PT888
Laguna Bio Sludge Control - 2 L (67 fl oz)Laguna Bio Sludge Control - 2 L (67 fl oz)
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Laguna Bio Sludge Control, 2 L (67 fl oz.), treats 40,000 L (10,566 U.S. gal.)


Laguna Bio Sludge Control is specifically formulated to break down organic solids and pond sludge. The water treatment activates immediately when added to the pond water. A completely organic sludge remover, Bio Sludge Control is safe for fish and plants and will help improve overall pond water conditions. Size: 2 L (67 fl oz), treats 40,000 L (10,566 U.S. gal.) of pond water.                                             
Other size available :

Laguna Bio Sludge Control, 473 mL (16 fl oz) (PT886)
Dosaging instructions:

Shake well before using.
Use 50 mL per 265 U.S. gal. of pond water (1,000 liters / 220 Imp. gal.). Use the doser cap provided for an accurate measurement.
For new ponds filled with tap water, be sure that any chlorine is removed prior to adding the dose.
For pond water treatment only.
Store in a cool, dry place.
Keep Away From Children.
For optimal performance, it is advisable that any UV Sterilizer's be turned off for 12 hours after dosage.

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