Regular pond maintenance is essential to the health and well being of your pond and its inhabitants. Most pond maintenance is typically performed at the start and finish of each pond season. Generally, ponds require little upkeep during the season, once they are up and running.

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Laguna can provide the step by step “know how” and all the tools needed.

How to maintain a pond.

Maintaining a pond is not complicated process. There are certain steps that need to followed when opening and closing ponds. This includes preparing fish by switching diets, cleaning and storing or installing pond equipment, cleaning the pond and preparing the pond the pond water. In season, pond maintenance centers on monitoring pond water quality. To learn more about opening and closing ponds see our pond guides.

What do I need to clean my pond?

You don’t need a host of maintenance accessories to clean a pond. You will need a skimmer net to remove leaves and other natural debris; pruning tools for plants; water treatments to prepare your water and your garden hose. If you are adventurous or need to service items in the pond you may need a set of waders. Laguna has everything you need to maintain your pond.