Planting Bags and Floating Baskets

Laguna Planting Bags are square, but they can be adapted to fit the contour of the pond. Soil cannot leak out of the bags, but as the plant roots grow they can expand through the bag. Then they can be easily moved to a larger Laguna Planting Bag.

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Laguna Planting Bags and Baskets are very versatile, and can be used for any plant in any configuration.

Pond Planting Bags

Laguna Planting Bags are made from a fine mesh that stops soil leaking out, yet their clever design allows roots to go through the bag as the plant grows. Planting bags are perfect for the bog and marginal plants.

Benefits of Pond Plant Baskets

Our Laguna Planting Baskets can be formed to fit into most any place in a pond, without the danger of losing any soil. Made of finely-woven fabric, they provide excellent soil containment and protect plants from fish. The buoyant styrofoam float ensures that the baskets stay at the surface. The plant baskets also provide shade and protection for fish.