Non-Kink Tubing

Laguna Non-Kink Tubing is the best hosing to use in and around a pond. The strong black hose is reinforced with solid concentric wire ribbing so the hose will not collapse in normal use yet pliable enough for nearly any application.

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Non-Kink tubing is ideal for use with ponds.

Benefits of non-kink tubing

Laguna Non-Kink Tubing is perfect for use with any pond. In addition to being premium quality, thick and durable, the non-kink tubing is reinforced with concentric wire ribbing which will not collapse from back pressure or from a reasonable weight of gravel over it.

Tubing Sizes

Laguna’s tubing is available in ½”, ¾” 1”, 1 ¼”. 1 ½” and 2” diameters, and in 100 and 50 foot rolls. The Laguna Non-Kink Tubing is non-toxic and will not harm fish or plants in the pond.