Tubing & Accessories

Tubing, hosing and connectors are the essentials required to connect pumps, filters, waterfalls and ornaments within your pond. Laguna has pioneered the use of ‘click fit’ connectors to make connecting and disconnecting equipment quick and easy.

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High quality Laguna tubing and accessories make anything possible in a pond.

Choosing the right equipment

Pond tubing must be durable enough to withstand high water pressure yet flexible enough to twist and turn around a pond. Laguna connectors and tubing accessories are available in a variety of standard sizes, so regardless of your current pond setup, you should find the correct equipment for your needs.

How do I install pond tubing and accessories?

Installation is made easy with the Click-Fit system. Once the Click-Fit connectors are attached to your tubing, they securely click into place on Laguna pumps and filters. To release, just push the button. Fast, secure and simple!

Why Pond Tubing?

Laguna non-kink, non collapsing tubing is available in diameters ½” to 2” This ridged yet flexible tubing is perfect for connecting pumps filters and water features. Laguna PVC tubing is available in diameters from 3/8” to 1” made of industrial strength PVC, will provide reliable performance under the most extreme conditions.