Test Kits

Pond water should regularly be tested for pH levels, hardness, alkalinity, nitrite and nitrate. Monitoring these parameters on a weekly basis will let you know if the pond is healthy.

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Laguna Quick Test Strips easily test for the important water parameters of a pond.

Laguna Test Strips are simple and easy to Use

Dip the test strip in pond water, after which the strip will change color to indicate that the test is complete.

What do the test kits measure?

The Laguna Quick Test Strips allow you to easily test for the most important water parameters of a pond. These are pH, total hardness, total alkalinity, nitrite and nitrate. pH is the measure of how acidic/alkaline the pond is. It is important to test water weekly, and that the pH be consistent. Hardness and alkalinity are measures of the dissolved solids in the water, and alkalinity is the most important, as it is a measure of how susceptible to change the pH is; low alkalinity can lead to a pH “crash” – it drops to dangerously low levels. Nitrite and nitrate are the two end results of the Nitrogen Cycle. Ideally there should be no nitrite, and nitrate should be low. High nitrate, and presence of any nitrite are indicators that maintenance is needed on the pond.